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Interfering With A Time-Sharing Court Order

Despite a court order outlining the time sharing agreement between parents, some parents still try to interfere with the other parent’s time, even if they claim the interference is unintentional. When a court orders certain times and durations for a parent to have with his or her children, one parent cannot unilaterally alter the terms… Read More »

Postnuptial Agreements For Florida Couples

Most people are familiar with the term prenuptial agreement. The term has been popularized in songs and movies, and this kind of agreement is usually expected in marriages where one or both spouses are independently wealthy. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that is signed before the couple gets married, and outlines each person’s ownership… Read More »

Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney

Most people choose to hire an attorney when going through a divorce for a variety of reasons, including: child custody and support issues, property division, or other complex issues that come up during a divorce. At the initial meeting with the attorney, it helps to be prepared so that you can get the most from… Read More »

Taking Care When Using Social Media During A Divorce

It is the world we live in; almost everyone uses social media for one reason or another, and there are multiple social platforms to accommodate different people’s needs. Whether you use it for keeping in touch with others, or simply expressing your innermost thoughts, the use of social media during a divorce opens you up… Read More »

Keeping The Family Home After A Divorce

There are many changes that a couple and their children go through when the parents decide to divorce. The children need stability and constancy to help them with the major change they are going through. For this reason, one of both parents may want to hang on to the family home after the divorce. It… Read More »

Taking Children Out Of State After A Divorce

Taking children out of the state during a divorce, and even after a divorce has been finalized can be difficult depending on how child time sharing issues have been resolved. A parent may want to take the child out of state for a vacation, or move permanently out of state for a new job opportunity…. Read More »

Reaching An Agreement Out Of Court

In Florida, before a couple go to trial in a contested divorce, the law requires the couple to go through mediation. Mediation can be a low cost alternative to going to trial if the spouses can come to an agreement on most of the issues through negotiation. Mediation also helps speed up the divorce process… Read More »

Can You Be Ordered To Pay For Your Child’s College Expenses After A Divorce?

When child support is calculated as part of a divorce, it is usually ordered to last until the child reaches eighteen years of age or until nineteen years if the child is still in high school at the time. A parent’s obligation to support a child, including by paying for educational expenses, usually do not… Read More »

Division Of Retirement Assets In A Florida Divorce

Retirement accounts, like all other assets that qualify as marital property, are divisible assets in a Florida divorce. This means that retirement benefits that were acquired after a marriage can be equally distributed between divorcing couples, even if the account was started or opened before the couples were married. The benefit that is considered a… Read More »

The Role Of A Parenting Plan In A Florida Divorce

  There are some divorces in which both spouses can agree on the major issues without having to go to court. While parties will still require a judicial order on most issues as the divorce is finalized, a couple that decides issues like asset division, for example using a pre or postnuptial agreement, can have… Read More »

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