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Disagreements On How To Raise Children After A Divorce

Parents raising a child together often come to an agreement about major decisions concerning the child through much discussion. When parents go through a divorce, this co-parenting becomes harder, and in some cases is near impossible. After the divorce, parents may find themselves changing how they parent, and the changes they make often conflict with… Read More »

Divorce And Bankruptcy

Divorce usually brings with it financial changes, some of which can lead one or both spouses into bankruptcy. While spouses after divorce can find themselves facing new bills and responsibilities that can lead to having to file for bankruptcy, in some cases, the road to bankruptcy can begin with the marital debts and a spouse… Read More »

Snooping or Gathering Evidence In A Florida Divorce Could Land You In Trouble

In contentious divorces, the spouses may feel the need to gain any advantage over each other, and may feel that any means of gaining that advantage is acceptable. This sometimes leads to spouses spying or snooping on each other during the course of their divorce, in an attempt to get evidence against each other.  While… Read More »

Time Sharing With A Nonbiological Child In Florida

Sometimes as people come together to form a family, they may not always think that it is necessary to formalize all aspects of their familial relationship. In some situations, two people may get married and decide to raise a child together, with one being the biological or adoptive parent of the child, and without the… Read More »

Same Sex Divorces In Florida

Since the United States Supreme Court decided the landmark case of Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015, same sex marriages have been legal and recognized throughout the country. Florida’s ban on same sex marriages had been ruled unconstitutional several months before the Supreme Court’s decision. The legalization of same sex marriages has meant that same sex… Read More »

The Effect Of Additional Children On Existing Child Support Obligations

Parents who receive child support are sometimes concerned that child support payments will decrease if the paying parent has other children. Depending on when the children were born and whether the other children receive support from the parent, there may not be any change to the child support that has been previously awarded by a… Read More »

Summer Activities And Parental Cost Sharing

Children’s activities over the summer months often include camps, sports, and other activities that can be very expensive. For parents who are no longer together, sharing these costs is not always an easily resolved issue. Parents may not always agree that the child should take part in a particular activity and may therefore not want… Read More »

Dating Someone New While Going Through A Divorce

Divorces are not always resolved as fast as the divorcing couple would like. If the couple has complicated issues, or chooses to go through a legal separation before going through the full divorce, the time from when the couple calls it quits to when the divorce is finalized could be years. Because of this, there… Read More »

Modifying A Parenting Plan In Florida

Even the best parenting plans and time sharing schedules may need to be modified as a child grows up and has different needs. Modification may also be necessary when the parents’ lives change and require them to make adjustments to accommodate other responsibilities. Some parents prefer to make adjustments informally, for example by exchanging weekends… Read More »

Justification For Spending Child Support

A parent who is ordered to pay child support to the other parent in order to provide for his child may also sometimes pay for other things for the child outside of the ordered payments, such as clothes and shoes. The parent may wonder whether paying for these extra items counts towards the court ordered… Read More »

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