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How Do I File For Divorce in Florida?

Experienced South Florida attorneys answer your questions

The complex procedures for filing for divorce in Florida can seem overwhelming at first. The Law Offices of Schwartz | White strives to diminish the uncertainty and anxiety associated with divorce by clearly explaining the process. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our attorneys have the knowledge and skills to guide you through your divorce.

Court terminology

In Florida, spouses are not required to show fault in order to file for divorce. The terms irreconcilable differences and irretrievably broken are used to describe a marriage that has disintegrated beyond repair. The following is a list of other divorce law terms you may encounter:

  • Petition — The petition initiates the divorce process and requests that the court grant certain terms enumerated by the petitioner.

  • Service of processService of process is the formal procedure for ensuring that the spouse receives the petition and all other important documents throughout the divorce. Proof of service is provided to the court upon delivery.

  • Response — The spouse must respond to the petition in a specified number of days.

  • Default — The court may grant a default judgment to the petitioner if the respondent spouse fails to answer the petition by the deadline.

  • Financial affidavit — Both spouses are required to complete a financial affidavit that accurately reflects their assets, liabilities and net-worth.

  • DiscoveryDiscovery is the process by which each spouse can obtain and uncover vital, relevant information and documents from the other spouse, as well as witnesses and entities previously unknown or undisclosed by the other party.

  • DepositionsDepositions involve questioning a witness under oath before a court reporter and are often used to elicit important information from a spouse or other person who possesses pertinent information.

  • InterrogatoriesInterrogatories are written questions posed by one spouse to the other.

Special requirements for divorcing parents

To help parents focus on the best interests of their children during divorce, Florida Statute §61.21 requires attendance at a parenting course. This better prepares parents and gives insight and understanding of the difficult issues children deal with before, during and after a dissolution of marriage proceeding.

The Law Offices of Schwartz | White advises you on each stage of the process of filing for divorce.

Learn more about how our South Florida divorce attorneys can help you file for divorce

To learn more about divorce filing procedures, call the Law Offices of Schwartz | White at 561.391.9943 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We serve all of South Florida from our Boca Raton office, conveniently located off I-95 in the Bank of America Building. Free parking is available.

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