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Boca Raton Post-Judgement Modification & Enforcement Lawyer

Palm Beach County lawyers standing by clients in the years following divorce

Life is not static. Fortunately, Florida laws accommodate potential fluctuations in financial status and parental suitability. The Law Offices of Schwartz | White stands by our clients during divorce and in the years following the marriage’s dissolution. Our Boca Raton post-judgement modification & enforcement lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience guiding clients through modification and enforcement of child support and child custody orders.

Substantial changes in circumstances

After divorce, substantial changes in circumstances may occur, such as the loss of a job or diminished business profits, which can affect a parent’s ability to continue paying the level of child support ordered by the court. Conversely, the other parent’s income may increase enough to warrant payment of additional funds to support the child’s upbringing. Also, a child’s needs may change to a degree that requires increased financial support — for example, the occurrence of an accident or illness that causes a disability. These changes are called substantial changes in circumstances and establish the basis for the modification of a child support order under Florida law. Our law firm assists clients in proving substantially changed circumstances and in collecting relevant, compelling evidence to support their arguments for modification of their orders.

Obtaining modification of child support orders

Parents are obligated to abide by the most current child support order. Even a clear change in circumstance does not automatically relieve a parent of this responsibility — a judge must issue a modified order before a parent can reduce payments. Our attorneys expedite the process of petitioning the court so clients are not burdened by a responsibility they are unable to fulfill.

Modifying child custody and visitation

As with child support, modification of a child custody or parenting plan requires the demonstration of a substantial change in circumstances. Situations that meet this criterion include but are not limited to issues of relocation, incapacitation, charges of domestic abuse and indications of parental alienation syndrome.

Enforcement of child support orders

Our team works closely with the Florida Department of Revenue to enforce child support orders. Some methods we may pursue to compel compliance include:

  • Suspension of driver’s licenses
  • Liens on automobiles, boats or other personal property
  • Seizure of tax refunds
  • Garnishment of wages
  • Freezes on bank accounts

We relentlessly pursue delinquent payments, often in conjunction with modified court orders requiring repayment of amounts in arrears.

Consult our Palm Beach County law firm about modifying or enforcing your child support or child custody order

To modify or enforce your child custody and child support orders, call the Law Offices of Schwartz | White at 561-391-9943 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. We serve all of South Florida from our Boca Raton office, conveniently located off I-95 in the Bank of America Building. Free parking is available.

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