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Boca Raton Complex Divorce Lawyer

The legal team at Schwartz | White represents clients involved in a variety of divorce and family law matters. One of our specialties is complex and high-conflict divorce cases, which may involve substantial financial assets, business interests, animosity, deceit, child custody disputes, contested prenuptial agreements, and—bottom line—the need for an extra level of attention and tenacity. While many Palm Beach County family law firms prefer not to get involved in complex divorce cases, our attorneys are up to the challenge. Whether your complex divorce case involves the protection of financial assets, the valuation of a family business, or high emotional tension, a skilled and experienced Boca Raton complex divorce lawyer can help you secure a brighter future.

During the divorce process, critical decisions are made that shape your life for years to come. The complexity and importance of those decisions is heightened when the marital estate contains numerous assets such as business interests, trusts, stocks, bonds, real estate holdings, investments, retirement accounts, and pensions. These types of assets can severely complicate divorce proceedings and make an equitable division of marital property challenging. The attorneys of Schwartz | White are exceptionally skilled at building strong cases in the most complex of financial circumstances. We leave no stone unturned as we work to achieve our clients’ goals.

In other divorce cases, the complexity is not caused by financial issues, but rather by disputes over with whom the children will live or other personal and emotional matters. Sometimes, one spouse puts “winning” ahead of all else, and is unwilling to compromise on even small issues. It takes many years of experience to effectively handle the demands and expectations of individuals involved in a high-conflict divorce. At Schwartz | White, we have this experience, and have successfully represented individuals who were the primary drivers of conflict, and vice versa.

Our attorneys’ unique ability to identify and examine the key elements in complex divorce proceedings gives our clients the advantage in asset preservation and the protection of their financial and emotional interests

If you need legal representation in a complex or high-conflict divorce in the Boca Raton area, Schwartz | White is here to help. Please contact us to discuss your concerns regarding your divorce, and the reasons it may be especially difficult or acrimonious. We’ll put all our knowledge and resources toward setting your mind at ease. With a confident, aggressive divorce attorney, you can protect your rights and rise from the ashes of your marriage with your financial and emotional wellbeing intact.

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