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Boca Raton Asset Protection Lawyer

Creating a will and setting up the right trusts is only one part of a comprehensive estate plan. You’ll also want to engage in asset protection planning to preserve the assets you have and maximize the ultimate transfer of wealth to your family and other beneficiaries. At Schwartz | White, we help clients create strong asset protection plans to shield wealth from taxes, creditors, and future medical and long-term care costs. If you are interested in asset protection, our Boca Raton asset protection lawyers can guide you in developing a plan that’s tailormade for you and your family.

Asset protection is a vital component of estate planning to wisely manage your wealth and avoid losing hard-earned assets.

It takes a lifetime to accrue a significant nest egg or build a business to pass to loved ones. Asset protection strategies help preserve your wealth in the face of potentially disastrous events during your lifetime, such as a lawsuit or serious accident, and help ensure taxes don’t consume your estate when you pass. With comprehensive asset protection strategies in place, you can:

  • Keep assets in the family
  • Promote knowledge of and communication about family assets
  • Maintain control and centralize management of family assets
  • Protect family assets in case of divorce
  • Plan for costs associated with incapacity or disability
  • Shield assets from the cost of nursing home care
  • Avoid probate and ease transfer of assets to beneficiaries
  • Shift income to a lower tax bracket
  • Minimize estate and inheritance taxes
  • Consolidate investments for efficiency
  • Shield assets from creditors and lawsuits

With the enormous cost of nursing home care—an expense all families must consider—everyone can benefit from asset protection planning. However, there are some individuals who absolutely need an asset protection strategy to shield their assets from lawsuits. These people include business owners, property owners, and professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, and athletes. At Schwartz | White, we have experience helping entrepreneurs, professionals, and those with large estates effectively shield their assets against litigation, judgments, liens, and fraud.

If you are on the fence about procuring an asset protection plan, let us assure you asset protection is not about succumbing to fear. It is about empowering yourself in the face of it. Our attorneys will work with you to implement a powerful, legally sound asset protection strategy that will help preserve your wealth and safeguard your assets.

Contact our office in Boca Raton for more information about asset protection, now and into the future.

When it comes to asset protection, our goal is to preserve the status of your current assets in a manner that is effective, legal, and ethical, with an eye toward the future, so your beneficiaries receive the maximum possible value of your estate. To learn more please contact our Boca Raton asset protection lawyers to schedule a consultation. Schwartz | White serves clients throughout Palm Beach County.

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