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Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer > Boca Raton Business Transaction Lawyer

Boca Raton Business Transaction Lawyer

Favorable and profitable business transactions play a big role in the overall success of your company. When even routine business transactions don’t go smoothly, you potentially lose time, money, and goodwill. At Schwartz | White, we have years of experience helping Palm Beach County business owners with their business contracts and other transactional needs, including entity formation, buy-sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and financing for business operations. Our Boca Raton business transaction lawyers can help resolve any issues that arise during business transactions to prevent litigation and avoid future disputes.

When you have an experienced business law attorney negotiate and review your business transactions prior to completion, you can avoid many legal disputes before they even begin

To their detriment and consternation, many business owners only seek an attorney for business transactions when they already have a legal dispute on their hands. However, if you have an experienced business lawyer negotiate your business deals, and draft or—at a minimum—review your contracts before you enter into them, it’s likely you can prevent disputes entirely and enjoy smooth and beneficial business transactions. At Schwartz | White, we provide sophisticated, savvy advice and representation in all types of business transactions, including:

  • Entity Formation & Financing
  • Business Licenses & Permits
  • Supplier & Vendor Contracts
  • Corporate Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Leasing Commercial Real Estate & Equipment
  • Purchasing Commercial Real Estate & Equipment
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business Dissolution

The types of business transactions you engage in will vary depending on the size and nature of your business. Likewise, the legal issues in question for each type of transaction will be different for different types of businesses. Our attorneys understand the many kinds of business transactions our clients may consider over the course of owning and operating a business, as well as the preparation, negotiation, and legal compliance necessary to make these transactions successful. Well-thought out, farsighted transactions can be highly beneficial for all parties involved. On the other hand, an unfair, ill-considered business transaction can be costly and may even lead you into court.

Before you sign that contract, talk to one of our experienced Boca Raton business transaction lawyers

When your company engages in any kind of business transaction with any type of party, you should seek the advice and guidance of an experienced business lawyer to protect your interests and ensure the agreement you negotiate is legally sound. In Palm Beach County, contact the business transaction lawyers at Schwartz | White. We are prepared to help you with all your business transaction needs.

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