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Can Co-Parenting Apps Help You Manage Conflict With Your Ex-Spouse?


The couples who are celebrating their divorce anniversary together, clinking their champagne glasses on Instagram like they did in their wedding photo aren’t telling you the whole truth; they may be smiling for the camera, but they have complicated feelings that don’t come across on social media.  The ones who get sloppy drunk with friends on their divorce anniversary but will still feel good about their divorce once they sober up also aren’t you.  The people who, one year hence, can smile about their divorce with or without the help of alcohol don’t have minor children.  Divorce is exponentially harder when you have to co-parent with your ex-spouse.  For you, a good outcome is that your children are willing to continue to have a relationship with at least one parent after they reach adulthood.  The good news is that a well written parenting plan can help you manage conflict with your ex; it is worthwhile to spend more time in mediation and emerge with a detailed parenting plan.  Some ex-spouses are so difficult that they can still drive you crazy, no matter what your parenting plan says.  A Boca Raton child support lawyer can help you cope with a maddening ex-spouse, and so can technology.

When the Sound of Your Ex’s Voice Makes Your Blood Boil

Some former spouses cannot talk to each other in person or on the phone without things escalating into a conflict.  If your ex provokes you and antagonizes you even during the simplest of conversations, it is best not to talk directly to your ex at all.  How is that possible, though, when you are raising children together, and you still have to communicate about your children’s school, health, and extracurricular activities?  In high conflict divorce cases, judges sometimes order co-parents to communicate with each other through texting apps like Our Family Wizard and Talking Parents.  These apps enable you to communicate with your ex by text, so you don’t have to hear your ex’s annoying voice.  They even suggest content for your messages to prevent your hostility from coming across.

Co-Parenting Apps Are an Unimpeachable Snitch

Your ex might be so much of a jerk that communicating through a co-parenting app only solves part of the problem.  An app cannot stop your ex from lying, sending mixed messages, or flaking on obligations indicated in the parenting plan.  The good news is that co-parenting apps archive your messages, making them the world’s most objective and reliable snitch.  You can show the court a printout of what your ex said on the co-parenting app to prove that your ex is still being disrespectful and dishonest.  It looks much more professional than handing the judge a pile of printouts of screenshots.

Contact Schwartz | White About Co-Parenting With a Difficult Ex

A South Florida family law attorney can help you if your ex-spouse refuses to listen to reason.  Contact Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, Florida about your case.


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