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Can I Date While my Florida Divorce is Pending?


While many people are not looking to start dating while their divorce is ongoing, there are some circumstances where someone may be ready to date again. Often times, people are mourning the loss of their marriage and are preoccupied with the divorce itself, but what about someone who has been separated for a while, has been unhappy for years, or was the victim of abuse? These are some situations where a soon to be ex-spouse may be interested in dating again.

The laws in Florida do not prohibit you from dating while your divorce is pending; however, it is not necessarily recommended. Your spouse may find out, and that could cause an already contentious situation to become worse. It could prolong your divorce proceedings for one, and it could have an impact on your children as well. Don’t assume your ex will not find out that you are dating someone else, because thanks to social media, it’s pretty simple to find out about people’s lives.

Ultimately, the decision to date during your divorce is a personal one. However, it is not a decision to be taken lightly. Here are some of the ways it could impact your pending divorce.

Dating Can Affect Your Custody

Courts do not necessarily appreciate a spouse who has already started another relationship before finalizing their divorce. Some judges may feel that making dating a priority during your divorce means you are not concerned about the impact that has on your children. The court can’t use that as a reason for denying custody, but you can’t expect them to completely overlook a new relationship either. Even if your custody is not affected, it could still result in negative consequences on your relationship with your children.

It Decreases Your Chance of Settlement

In a contested divorce, a new relationship could decrease your chance of settlement. If you were already disagreeing on a variety of matters related to the divorce, it’s quite possible things will only get worse from this point forward. This can cause your divorce to take longer than necessary to resolve since spouses are acting out of spite toward each other.

Added Stress During the Divorce

If your divorce is already stressful, trying to start a new relationship could take a toll on you. If you are too wrapped up in your divorce, or you are venting to your new partner constantly about what your ex did to you now, your new relationship is not likely to work out. New relationships require understanding and patience. If you are trying to resolve your last relationship through the divorce, you may not be emotionally healed yet. This could have a serious negative impact on your new relationship.

Need Additional Information?

If you have questions about dating during your divorce, you need to speak to a skilled Boca Raton divorce attorney. Contact the Law Offices of Schwartz | White at 561-391-9943 to schedule a consultation. Let one of our skilled family law attorneys help with all your legal needs.

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