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Category Archives: Business Valuation


Methods Used to Value a Business in a Florida Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

Topics like spousal support, child custody, and child support are common issues encountered in almost all divorces; however, those who own businesses will find there is added complexity when it comes to asset distribution. Those with a professional practice, like doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, etc., will encounter more complicated methods utilized to divide assets… Read More »

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What to Know About Dividing a Business in a Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

During a divorce, both assets and liabilities will be divided between the spouses. This process is called equitable distribution. The court will determine which assets are marital property and which ones are separate property, and then they distribute marital assets between the parties. If you own a business with your spouse, this will be… Read More »

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Dividing A Business After A Florida Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

One marital asset that can prove to be difficult to divide in a divorce is ownership interest in a business. Whether a couple owns and runs a business or simply owns an interest in the business, if the interest in the business qualifies as a marital asset, it has to be divided along with… Read More »

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When could I, should I, or do I, need to go to Mediation, and what is Mediation, temporary or otherwise anyway?

By Schwartz | White |

Mediation is a powerful tool in helping Parties resolve some or all their issues in a Dissolution of Marriage proceeding or otherwise. In Palm Beach County, Florida for example, a party wanting to go before a judge to request any kind of temporary relief, such as for child or spousal support, attorney’s or accounting… Read More »

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What Business Valuation Challenges Do Health Care Professionals Often Face During Divorce?

By Schwartz | White |

Divorces for health care professionals often involve substantial assets and require business valuation when determining equitable distribution of marital property. An article published by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) entitled Divorce Value: Standards of Value for Professional Practices and Closely Held Businesses points out that various states recognize different methods of business… Read More »

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