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Crafting A Parenting Plan For Today’s Confusing World


When you interact with people a generation older than you, it is impossible not to notice how much the world has changed since you were a child.  When someone whose grandchildren are the same age as your kids asks you if you are getting custody of your children, you can be sure that their co-parenting advice is outdated.  Today’s parenting plans are detailed enough to account for matters like extracurricular activities, transportation, and children spending a holiday with each parent in alternating years.  The world is changing at a dizzying pace, and current issues could become sticking points in your co-parenting relationship.  A Boca Raton child custody lawyer can help you draft a detailed parenting plan that reflects your family’s reality.

The 420-Friendly Parenting Plan

It goes without saying that family courts do not look favorably on parents who use illegal drugs in the presence of their children; if there are illegal drugs in your house while your children are present, you are lucky to get supervised parenting time.  Meanwhile, cannabis laws in Florida are rapidly changing, and currently there are more loopholes and ambiguities than generalizations.  If your ex-spouse has a medical cannabis card, then your ex isn’t breaking the law by keeping cannabis in their house.  If you are worried about your ex’s cannabis use in the presence of your children, address it in your parenting plan.  For example, state that your ex must keep his edibles in a childproof bottle in a medicine cabinet, not in a cookie jar in the kitchen.  If you are worried about your ex driving under the influence of cannabis, specify in the parenting plan that you must transport the children to your ex’s house, and one of your ex’s parents must transport them to your house.

Does Remote Schooling Change Your Time Sharing Schedule?

Children’s school schedules are often a deciding factor in timesharing schedules.  The past two years have taught families to expect the unexpected with the timing and location of work and schooling.  You should formalize your parenting plan with the assumption that every school year will go on as normal until your children graduate, but perhaps you should include procedures about adjusting the parenting schedule according to changes in the children’s school schedule.

Family Solidarity About Children’s Social Media Use

Social media causes discord within families, just as it does among strangers.  If you feel strongly about restrictions on children’s use of social media apps, you should discuss provisions you might add to your parenting plan regarding parental monitoring of children’s use of computers and mobile devices.  You might also place restrictions on hours and situations during which children may use mobile devices and about which parent must authorize children’s purchases of phone apps.

Contact Schwartz | White About Modern Parenting Plans

A South Florida family law attorney can help you draft a parenting plan that prevents disputes over issues that parents never had to think about a generation ago.  Contact Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, Florida about your case.



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