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Do You Need a Divorce Attorney?

A divorce or separation can have long-lasting effects on your personal life, your family, your career, and your future. An error at any point in the process can derail you. So the decision to go through the process alone and without an attorney advocate is a weighty and risky one. If these factors apply to you, you should strongly consider getting some help as you travel through the labyrinth of family law in Florida:

You Have Contested Issues

For couples that are still quite friendly and are in agreement on every issue in their divorce or separation, an attorney-free, or uncontested divorce could possibly be a reasonable option. Of course, it is rather unlikely that even in the most positive of circumstances, there will be no contested issues. Spouses would need to agree on property division, child custody parenting plans, alimony (if applicable), child support payments, transferring ownership of the family home, vehicles, and investments, etc. If you have contested issues in your divorce or separation, you should definitely consider having an attorney by your side.

There Is Tension in Your Relationship

There is a common myth that the presence of divorce lawyers can fan the flames of tension and acrimony in a divorce or separation proceeding. This could not be further from the truth. In an emotional or tense divorce or separation, the presence of a coolheaded professional can have a calming affect. With details and forms and filings taken care of, both parties can focus on de-escalating and defusing the situation, protecting and strengthening relationships with their loved ones, and avoiding strain on their careers and personal lives.

There Is a Lot at Stake

For couples with few assets, there may not be much property to divide, one of the biggest sources of contention in divorces or separations. But if one or both parties have high net worth, professional degrees or practices (like a small business, a medical or veterinary practice, or firm), or large quantities of valuable assets including vehicles, real properties, etc., an attorney may be necessary to disentangle each party’s rights. In fact, if there are particularly valuable or complex assets to be divided, an attorney that has specific experience with high net worth divorces would be a wise choice.

You Have Shared Children

It nearly goes without saying that the presence of shared children in a divorce or separation can raise the stakes exponentially as well. Florida takes custody and parenting plans very seriously, and clearly both parties in a divorce would be likely to have strong about the best interests of the kids. If child custody or support will be an issue in the divorce, an attorney would be a wise decision to secure an individual’s right to parent his or children.

Do these apply to you? At Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, qualified family law attorneys are ready to assist you in advocating for your rights in a divorce or separation process, and even have specific experience in high net worth and other sensitive types of divorces. Consider taking one of the most important steps to protect yourself and your family throughout these legal proceedings. Call 561-391-9943 today for a consultation.

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