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Frequently Asked Questions About Florida Child Support


While most couples getting a divorce understand the concept of child support, not everyone understands how it’s calculated, how to enforce it, and what exactly the amount covers. Child support questions are some of the most common ones Florida family law attorneys receive. Here’s a look at some of the more frequently asked questions.

How much child support will I be ordered to pay?

Unfortunately, there is no set rule for the amount each person will pay if child support is ordered. The court will take a number of different factors into consideration to arrive at the amount. Some of these factors include what the income is for both parents, what the child’s needs are, and other costs like health insurance, day care, etc.

Where the conflict often lies in a divorce is what really is necessary. If the child was attending a fancy private school, will that still be the case? This is one of the many reasons working with a Florida child support lawyer is so important. You need someone who can make a strong case for why the order you are requesting should be granted.

When does my obligation to pay child support end?

Like other states, Florida requires that you pay child support until your child turns 18, is married, passes away, or becomes legally emancipated. There is one exception, and that is a child who turns 18 while still attending high school. In that situation, the support will continue until he or she graduates or turns 19, whichever event comes first. There may be other exceptions for children who are suffering from physical disabilities or mental disorders.

My child no longer goes to day care, can I request the child support order be modified?

There are instances where circumstances change, and a child support order may need to be modified. Some examples of reasons can include if a child no longer needed day care or you took a significant reduction in pay at work.

My ex is not paying child support. How do I enforce the order?

If you need to enforce an order against your ex who is not making payments, there are a number of different ways a Florida child support lawyer can assist. Some of these include placing liens, reporting the amount to credit agencies, levying bank accounts, garnishing their paychecks, and more.

Is it always the father that is ordered to pay child support in Florida?

There is a misconception that a mother always has full custody of a child and the father is the one who pays all the child support. There are plenty of scenarios where mothers are ordered to pay support, especially in situations where the mother is the higher-income-earning parent. While it’s true that mothers are often the custodial parent, it’s not 100% of the time. Every family’s situation is different.

Retaining a Florida Family Law Attorney

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