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Has Florida Eliminated Permanent Alimony?

Laws are constantly changing and you should consult with a Boca Raton divorce lawyer about any questions you may have regarding alimony.

During the most recent legislative session, the Florida legislature passed a bill (SB 718) that went before Florida Governor Rick Scott for approval. However, the governor exercised his veto right, objecting to provisions that applied retroactively and could unsettle already established economic agreements and result in unfair consequences. The governor believed that Florida law adequately allows parties to adjust alimony as needed.

SB 718 proposed limitations on amounts and time periods that a spouse could receive alimony. The bill limited alimony to lasting one-half of the marriage length and created difficulties for spouses in short-term marriages to obtain alimony. The bill defined short-term marriages as lasting less than 11 years and limited alimony to no more than 25 percent of the payor ex-spouse’s gross income. Calculations under SB 718 indicated that with marriages lasting between 11 and 20 years, alimony was limited to no more than 35 percent of the payor ex-spouse’s gross income. For marriages over 20 years, alimony estimates under SB 718 were 38 percent of the payor ex-spouse’s gross income.

It is uncertain whether a bill such as SB718 will pass in the future, but alimony reform bills most certainly will continue to be proposed.  For concerns regarding alimony, consult with Boca Raton divorce attorneys and protect your interests.

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