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How To Calculate Your Alimony Payments In Boca Raton, Florida

Alimony – also known as spousal maintenance or spousal support – is a major concern to couples going through a divorce. For the lesser-earning spouse, spousal maintenance is a means to maintaining the same quality of life as during the marriage; for the higher-earning spouse, spousal maintenance can mean giving up a percentage of their hard-earned income to someone whom they feel may or may not deserve it. No matter how either party feels about alimony though, it does serve an important purpose, which is why the state of Florida ensures that in a divorce, alimony payments are calculated fairly.

What Is The Purpose Of Alimony?

Oftentimes during a marriage, one spouse will work less than the other spouse, earn less than the other spouse, or both. Whether this is because they chose to stay home to take care of the children, put the other spouse’s career goals ahead of their own, or because of their own personal life choices is of secondary concern to the courts; the court’s primary concern is that the dependent spouse is able to become economically self-sufficient post-divorce, which could require the assistance of spousal support.

In Florida, there are several types of alimony that can be awarded:

  • Bridge-the-Gap Alimony: Awarded to help an individual transition from married to single life.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: Awarded to help the lesser-earning spouse become self-sufficient either through job training or education.
  • Durational Alimony: Designed to help the lesser-earning spouse for a set period of time after divorce.
  • Permanent Alimony: Awarded when one spouse lacks the ability to provide for him or herself after the dissolution of marriage.

Which type of alimony is awarded in a Florida divorce depends on what the court feels the lesser-earning spouse will need in order to become self-sufficient. Contrary to popular belief, alimony is rarely awarded on a permanent basis. However, if the courts feel that no type of alimony will ever be sufficient enough to help an individual become self-supporting, permanent alimony will be awarded.

How To Determine The Amount Of Alimony

With child support, the Florida courts follow a statutory table with monetary guidelines when determining the amount of child support owed. With alimony, however, the amount of spousal support awarded is entirely up to the court’s discretion. The courts consider a number of factors, including:

  • The quality of life established during marriage;
  • The duration of marriage;
  • Age, health, and physical and emotional condition of each spouse;
  • Financial resources of each spouse, including available income;
  • The earning capacities, education levels, skills, and employability of each spouse;
  • The contribution of each spouse to the marriage;
  • Child custody; and
  • Tax consequences of alimony payments to each spouse.

Furthermore, the courts will take into consideration whether or not either spouse committed adultery during the marriage.  

Hire A Boca Raton Divorce Attorney

If you are in the middle of a divorce in Boca Raton Florida and are concerned about alimony payments, our experienced Boca Raton divorce attorneys can help you build your case so that the amount awarded is a fair and beneficial one to both parties. To schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Schwartz | White, call us at 561-391-9943 or contact us online today.

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