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Moving Out of Your Ex-Spouse’s House Can Be Such a Mess That the Courts Have to Get Involved


Moving into a new house is never easy.  The best-case scenario is that everything is packed up by the time the movers arrive, and once you are in your new place, you know that all your stuff is there, even though you don’t have time to unpack it.  Still having stuff in boxes more than a year after your move is the rule rather than the exception.  Moving is expensive and stressful even under the best circumstances; it is much worse when you are under a tight deadline and are moving because your financial situation got worse instead of better.  If a divorce is the reason for your move, then the stress is even worse.  Not only do you have to pay a fortune to move, but you also have to fight with your ex about who is responsible for what portion of the moving expenses.  Most people are so broke that taking their ex to court would easily burn through any money their ex could use to reimburse them for relocation expenses, so the stress of moving becomes just another long-standing resentment that lingers for years after the divorce becomes final.  As for the one percent, they have plenty of money to fight it out in court over the cost of moving every bauble from the mansion to the beachfront condominium.  If your ex-spouse is still living a fabulous life while you are burdened with debts arising from your move out of the marital residence, contact a Boca Raton divorce lawyer.

Court Orders Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon to Pay Ex-Wife $125,000 as Reimbursement for Moving Expenses

The divorce case between Lenny Hochstein, a South Florida cosmetic surgeon, and his wife Lisa, a cast member on the Real Housewives of Miami, has been a subject of discussion on tabloid news sites for some time now.  This summer, Lenny tried to rescind a settlement offer that he had proposed earlier, but the judge ruled that the offer must stand.  Meanwhile, Lisa has since moved out of the Star Island mansion where the couple lived during their marriage, and although she has gotten settled in her new residence, some financial matters remain unresolved.

It appears that Lisa spent six figures on the move, because the court has ordered Lenny to pay her $125,000 as reimbursement for moving expenses.  During the proceedings that resulted in this court order, Lenny protested that Lisa had removed items from the house that did not belong to her, such as decorative pillows and artificial houseplants.  More frugal folks would resolve these matters in mediation with the help of their divorce lawyers.

Contact Schwartz | White About the Astronomical Cost of High Net Worth Divorce

A South Florida family law attorney can help you if, despite being wealthy before and after your divorce, your ex-spouse insists on arguing with you over every penny.  Contact Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, Florida about your case.



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