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Post Florida Divorce Checklist


Your Florida divorce has been finalized, so now it’s time to take a deep breath and relax, right? The hard part is over, but it’s also important to ensure you tie up loose ends so you can completely move on and start a new chapter in your life. Some details may require assistance from your Florida divorce attorney, but in general, many of these are small items that can be handled relatively quickly.

Change Your Name

If you requested to have your name changed once the divorce was complete, you will need to start the tedious process of switching back. Start with the Social Security office, DMV, passport issuer, banks, credit cards, work, vehicle and property titles, utilities, voter registration, retirement accounts, etc.

Financial Accounts

If you had joint accounts, you may still need to close all those once outstanding payments and checks have cleared. You will need to open new accounts and set up recurring payments for anything you pay online.

Did you have a retirement account that the court ordered be split? You may need assistance from your attorney in complex scenarios to get the account transferred to a different IRA or 401K. You may need to adjust your contributions since you are losing your spouse’s income.

Update your estate planning documents. If you had a will or trust, power of attorney, etc., all that needs to be updated with who will handle your affairs and who will get your assets upon your death. Health care directives should be updated as well.

If you have joint credit cards, those also need to be closed and you’ll need to reapply for individual accounts. Make sure all outstanding balances and payments were handled based on settlement agreement.

Verify your final bills from your divorce are paid. Do you still owe money to your attorney or a bill from an expert?

Insurance and Beneficiaries

If you have retirement accounts or life insurance. You will need to change the beneficiaries and ensure your marital status is updated there. You may need to send in proof of your divorce decree to remove your ex as a beneficiary in some instances. Other insurance policies include disability and annuities.

Update all your insurance information and ensure your ex is no longer on your policies. You may need to get new auto or home policies in some instances. Some carriers provide discounts for joint coverage, multi-car discount, marital status, etc., so you need to speak with your carrier and decide whether you need to shop around based on the cost difference.

Be sure to update your health insurance and notify your employer if your coverage is through work. If you are not obligated to keep your ex on your health insurance policy, it could save you some money each pay period.

Social Media

Update all your passwords in case your ex has your old ones. If you have a Facebook account, ensure your legacy settings are up to date so someone has access to your account in the event you pass away. If you have a business and your ex is on your Facebook business pages, remove them as an Admin.

Retaining a Florida Divorce Attorney

There are a number of other things you may need to deal with — such as a quitclaim deed on property or transfer of a car title. Talk through the post-divorce process with your attorney. Proper planning and creating a checklist can help ensure nothing gets missed. If you need assistance with a pending divorce or plan to file soon, contact the Law Offices of Schwartz | White to schedule a consultation.

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