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Preparing For Your First Meeting With A Divorce Attorney

Most people choose to hire an attorney when going through a divorce for a variety of reasons, including: child custody and support issues, property division, or other complex issues that come up during a divorce. At the initial meeting with the attorney, it helps to be prepared so that you can get the most from the meeting and hit the ground running.

An average person probably calls several attorneys before settling on one to meet. The first meeting is about getting the lay of the land, getting a feeling for what is to come in your divorce, and whether you feel comfortable enough to proceed with the attorney. You may not get all your answers immediately, but it is important to leave the meeting with a good sense of what is to come with procedures or requirements.

How to prepare for the meeting depends on what issues are likely to come up in your divorce. However, generally speaking, in preparing for the meeting, you should gather as much documentation as possible in order to paint a clear picture of what is bound to come up. For example, for financial issues, you should gather documentation relating to joint marital assets, financial documents, correspondence related to assets and any prenuptial or postnuptial agreements that you have. Remember to include information on the debts you and your spouse owe, even those solely in each spouse’s name alone.

Be prepared to give a general background of your marriage and your personal life. If you were a stay at home parent, be prepared to generally outline the agreement you and your spouse had on the role you would play in the home, and what career choices you may have given up to do so. How some issues are framed can make a difference in what kind of support you receive down the line, and the kind of advice your attorney can give you.

Discuss other dispute resolution alternatives to litigation. Ask the attorney if your case can be resolved through mediation, and whether the attorney has experience working through mediation. Mediation can be helpful and less expensive than going through litigation, but you also want an attorney who can ensure you get a fair deal through mediation. You should also seek an estimation of how much the divorce may cost you in terms of paying for legal services.

When talking to the attorney, you should take notes of issues you consider important, in order to make sure you do not forget your key concerns. You should also take notes of how the attorney answers your questions. It is important to ensure that your questions are answered so you understand what is to come, and feel comfortable with the attorney you choose. You want to have an experienced and competent attorney handling your divorce, but you also want a compassionate and understanding professional to help you because the divorce process can be difficult in many ways.

Let Us Help You with Your Divorce

If you are about to file for divorce, or have received notice that your spouse has filed for divorce, you need to consult an attorney in order to ensure that you get what you are legally entitled to in the divorce. For a consultation with our compassionate and experienced Boca Raton, Florida divorce attorneys, contact us at Law Offices of Schwartz White for legal assistance.




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