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Signs That Your Divorce Lawyer Is Bad News


Finding the right divorce lawyer can be a great relief after realizing that you are married to the wrong person.  Unfortunately, figuring out whether a divorce lawyer is a good fit for you just by reading about them online is no easier than identifying Mr. Right or Ms. Right based solely on a Match.com profile.  It is nice if your lawyer’s personality clicks with yours and you have interests in common unrelated to your divorce, but that is just the icing on the cake; your lawyer does not have to be your buddy.  Consider that you would choose a surgeon based on their ability to perform surgery and the fact that they accept your health insurance, not based on the fact that you both like old school hip hop or are both Manchester United fans.  Basic competence, however, is key.  If your lawyer makes any of these egregious mistakes, you should run in the opposite direction and instead hire a Boca Raton divorce lawyer who will handle your case with professionalism.

Divorce Lawyer Red Flags

The good news is that the signs of an incompetent or unscrupulous divorce lawyer are often evident before any money changes hands.  If the lawyer you are considering hiring does any of these things during your initial conversation or first few meetings, it is a sign that you should walk away and hire someone else:

  • Your lawyer seems unclear about some of the basics of divorce law in Florida. This red flag could indicate that your lawyer is practicing door law, where they accept any client who walks through the door, regardless of what kind of legal services the client is requesting.  You can sometimes tell this if the law firm has only a few lawyers but lists many different practice areas on its website.
  • Your lawyer is disorganized or not transparent about billing, or if they change the amount they ask you to pay without explanation as to why.
  • Your lawyer makes negative comments about entire groups of people. It is fine if your lawyer prides himself on helping fathers get primary physical custody of their minor children, but it is quite another if your lawyer drones on and on about how all women are greedy and dishonest.
  • Your lawyer makes inappropriate requests. For example, if you are a hairstylist, it is completely unprofessional and inappropriate for your lawyer to ask you to cut and style her hair free of charge.
  • Your lawyer does not respond promptly to phone calls or emails. Some parts of the divorce process involve short deadlines, and you should be confident that your lawyer can meet them.

Contact Us Today for Help

Your divorce lawyer does not have to be your best friend, but they should be reliable and trustworthy.  No divorce is completely painless, but the right divorce lawyer can avoid added unnecessary stresses and expenses in an already difficult period of your life.  Contact Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, Florida about your case.

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