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Tag Archives: Alimony Agreement

Alimony Myths (and the Truth Behind Them)

By Schwartz | White |

Alimony’s popularity as an element of divorce or separation agreements has risen and fallen over the decades, and the law prescribing its use is now in the process of undergoing change.  Perhaps these uncertain elements contribute to the existence of several myths concerning alimony, its use, its purpose, and the factors contributing to an… Read More »

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Negotiating Alimony with Your Spouse

By Schwartz | White |

Coming to an agreement on alimony may be one of the most contentious issues in your divorce.  Without reaching an agreement, you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse will end up battling in court before a judge.  Time, cost, and even relationships can be better conserved by negotiating with your spouse to arrive at an agreement… Read More »

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