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Tag Archives: Marital Assets

Is My Spouse Entitled to Half of My Medical Practice in Divorce?

By Schwartz | White |

Building a successful private medical practice in Florida takes a significant amount of time, money, and commitment. For some professionals, the process can take years; for others, it can take decades. No matter how long it took you though, if you have finally found success in private practice, you understand that there is no… Read More »

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Equitable Division of Marital Assets in Boca Raton Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

Florida is an equitable distribution state, which means that when deciding how marital assets and debts should be divided in a divorce, the court presumes that an equal distribution is the fairest option. But equitable distribution doesn’t always mean equal. The overriding consideration in property distribution is fairness, and the court can order an… Read More »

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