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The Cost Of A Divorce

One of the issues that some people think about as they are about to go through a divorce is what the cost of the divorce will be. In most cases, when people think about the cost of the divorce, they are thinking in terms of the legal fees associated with the divorce. While legal costs are important to think about, they are not the only added costs a divorce may bring to a person’s life.

The legal cost of a divorce depends on which route a person takes. The cost of an attorney to handle the divorce varies depending on the attorney, and this cannot be generalized. There are other fees involved, such as filing fees and process service fees, which are set by law and paid to the courts. Unless a person plans on representing himself in the divorce, which is not advisable if there are children involved or if the couple has significant assets and liabilities, these costs are unavoidable.

Parents who are going through a divorce may also be ordered to attend parenting classes, which presents an added cost. In addition, if a court feels that the interests of the child are not well represented, the court may appoint a guardian ad litem. One or both parents may be expected to pay the fees for the person who is so appointed.

Sometimes, after the division of assets in a divorce, the former spouses may have to refinance the mortgage or other loans in order to remove one spouse’s name from the note. This brings with it closing costs and other costs involved in taking care of this. Refinancing may not seem like a priority, but if a spouse is not taken off the loan, he remains responsible for the debt even if the other spouse is ordered to pay it in the divorce.

However, the cost of divorce goes beyond the legal side because in many cases it involves a major life change, and requires the people getting the divorce to make new arrangements in their lives to accommodate the changes divorce brings. This could mean that a spouse who previously stayed at home with the children now has to find childcare in order to get a job; find a new place to live; or pay for training and certification in order to get back into a professional field.

In some cases, a judge may order spousal support that covers any training or initial costs of relocation for a spouse. However, these awards are not guaranteed and may not be permanent. Additionally, any award for child support may not be enough to cover all the costs associated with taking care of a child.

If a divorce is particularly difficult on the children, the parents may need to seek some counselling for the children to help them through the divorce. While parents can seek free services for this, if they hire someone instead, this can be an added cost.

Contact an Experienced Divorce Attorney

While the financial costs of a divorce can seem overwhelming, it is possible to manage the costs and make plans for financial recovery after everything is finalized. In order to ensure that you receive an equitable distribution of the assets when you go through a divorce, it is best to be represented by an experienced divorce attorney. Contact our experienced Boca Raton, Florida divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Schwartz l White for legal assistance.



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