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The Divorce Concierge: An Avoidable Expense


The most common form of alimony awarded in Florida is temporary alimony, also known as pendente lite (Latin for “while the court case is ongoing”) alimony, which automatically ends when the court issues a judgment finalizing the divorce.  Temporary alimony is when the court orders the wealthier spouse to pay the financially disadvantaged spouse enough money each month to cover household expenses.  (The understanding is that, when the divorce is finalized, the court will divide the marital property in the fairest possible way, which may or may not include alimony.  Post-divorce alimony awards will be based on the assumption that the financially disadvantaged spouse will be working, if they are healthy enough to work.)  Even though temporary alimony is always temporary, it can be a minefield for conflict.  Many high-income husbands balk at the expenses their homemaker wives consider essential; they try to persuade the court that their estranged wife doesn’t need country club dues or monthly manicures and hairstyling appointments, or that the couple’s school-aged children don’t need a full-time nanny.  Some wealthy people going through a divorce even hire a divorce coach, also known as a divorce concierge, which is a non-essential expense if ever there was one.  The good news is that a Palm Beach County divorce lawyer can help you move efficiently toward finalizing your divorce quickly, so if your spouse hires a divorce concierge, they won’t need one for long.

A Personal Assistant Who Specializes in Divorce

The one percent hand the baby off to the nanny and go take a nap or socialize, while the 99 percent soothe them back to sleep every hour throughout the night and then put on their work clothes and go to work, scrambling to drop off the baby at daycare on the way or to hand him to another sleep-deprived relative.  The one percent serve short sentences in minimum security prison after several sessions with a prison coach, while the others do what they can to survive their prison sentences or to appeal their wrongful convictions.  For the 99 percent, divorce stinks, but the one percent hire a divorce concierge.

What does a divorce concierge do?  All the unpleasant tasks that most people going through divorce do for themselves.  Gathering documents for the required financial disclosures.  Working with real estate agents to list the marital home for sale.  Researching what kind of house they might be able to afford when the divorce is finalized.  Calling health insurance companies, since they can’t stay on their spouse’s plan after the divorce.  The real reason that some people choose divorce concierges is for emotional support.

Even if you are financially well-off, you probably don’t need a divorce concierge.  Your therapist, family, and friends can provide emotional support, and your lawyer can give you guidance on the financial aspects.

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A Boca Raton divorce lawyer can help you navigate the complex financial issues of dividing valuable marital property.  Contact Schwartz | White for help today.

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