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These 5 Mistakes Could Cause Problems in Your Florida Child Custody Case


Child custody battles are usually anything but amicable. They are contentious, filled with emotion, arguments, and often bad decision making, especially if you attempt to negotiate child custody without the assistance of a Boca Raton child custody attorney. It’s important to retain a skilled and experienced attorney who can help you from making mistakes that could hurt your custody case. Making one of these five mistakes can jeopardize your chances at a favorable custody arrangement.

Miss Scheduled Time with Your Children

If you are trying to win custody, missing scheduled time with your children could hurt your custody case. This could cause the court judge to lose confidence in your ability and willingness to be a parent and put your children’s best interests first. It’s understandable if there is an emergency or just cause, but failing to show up repeatedly with no reason could give your ex an excuse to start recording your missed visits.

Not Preparing for Your Custody Cause 

Failure to prepare for your custody case can be one of the worst mistakes you can make. When you have an attorney representing you, you can take a deep breath and know that they will help guide you through the process. However, it isn’t the sole responsibility of your attorney. You have to pull your weight and ensure you do everything your attorney asks of you before court appearances.

Using Social Media

It’s understandable that social media is a big part of most people’s lives, but you really need to reign it in during a divorce and custody battle. You shouldn’t be talking about any legal matters on your accounts at a bare minimum. It’s preferable you stay off social media as a whole, as even unrelated posts and photos can be taken out of context. For example, if you go to a wild bachelorette party and those photos land on your social media accounts, it’s guaranteed that your ex’s attorney will be using them in a push to prove you are not the best parent.

Getting into Legal Trouble

You need to make sure you stay out of trouble during your custody case. Don’t get yourself arrested or into any kind of legal trouble that could be used against you in the hearing. Even if you have not been charged or convicted, just the arrest will look bad.

Abusing Alcohol and/or Drugs

It’s important that your alcohol use stays in check, especially when you have your children. Not doing drugs should be obvious, but some people make terrible decisions that can come back to haunt them in a custody battle. You may be required to undergo drug testing or even attend rehab to keep time with your children. In some cases, you may lose unsupervised visits with your children.

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