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Things Can Backfire Spectacularly When Former Spouses Move Back in Together


Hollywood screenwriters act as though it is all sunshine and roses when former spouses reconcile, but in reality, getting back together with your ex-spouse is risky.  It can be wonderful for your children to be living under the same roof with both parents again, but if you and your ex-spouse break up again, things can be even messier than they were in your original divorce.  If you did not legally remarry your spouse, the terms of your old divorce still apply, but your rights are much less spelled out in the law.  Despite these complicating factors, a South Florida divorce lawyer can help you resolve financial and parenting-related disputes with your ex-spouse if you rekindled your relationship after your divorce but then separated again.

Pop Star and Ex-Wife Battle It Out Over Miami Mansion

Let’s play a word association game.  Which “d” word do you most closely associated with Phil Collins?  Lots of people would say “drums,” but “divorce” would be a good choice, too.  Collins is almost as familiar with divorce courts as he is with the drum kit.  In fact, divorce has inspired some of his best playing and songwriting.  He separated from his first wife, the mother of his daughter Joely and son Simon, in 1980, the year his band Genesis released the album Duke, and the following year, he released his debut solo album, Face Value.  If you have seen the millennials drumming along with “Man of Our Times” or the viral video of the teens enthusing about “In the Air Tonight” during the pandemic, one can safely conclude that the music Collins created during his first divorce has staying power.  In 1988, Collins married his second wife, the mother of his daughter, actress Lily Collins, before informing her by fax in 1994 that he wanted a divorce.  In 1999, he married Orianne Cevey, and they have two sons together.

Collins and Cevey divorced in 2006, and she then married Charles Mejjati and had another son with him.  In 2016, Cevey divorced Mejjati and got back together with Collins.  They bought a mansion in Miami and lived there together with their children, but the cracks in their relationship started to show during the pandemic.  Cevey claims that Collins abused prescription painkillers, and his behavior became erratic.  Meanwhile, she started secretly dating Thomas Bates.  He started trying to evict her from the mansion.  Cevey traveled to Las Vegas, and while she was there, she sent Collins a breakup text message, but when she returned, she and Bates had married.  Collins and Cevey are now about to resolve their dispute over the mansion in court.  It seems that the only thing messier than fighting over the marital home with your spouse is fighting over it with your ex-spouse.

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A Boca Raton divorce lawyer can help you apply the rules of co-parenting and, to some extent, equitable distribution, even if you and your spouse continued your relationship after you officially divorced.  Contact Schwartz | White for help today.




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