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Tips for Negotiating a Florida Divorce Settlement


When it comes to your divorce settlement, negotiating for the various terms or assets can be the most difficult part of the entire experience. Many people go into a divorce with a “winner take all” approach which can drag things out and make it even more contentious. If neither side is willing to compromise, it will also cause additional problems in trying to resolve the case.

Having a skilled Boca Raton division of assets lawyer on your side is definitely helpful and can help make the process more efficient. Here are some tips for helping to effectively negotiate your divorce settlement.

Be Cautious to Not Destroy Your Relationship with Your Ex

You might think, ‘who cares, we are getting a divorce. Why does it matter if we stay on good terms?’ If you have children, then you will want to stay on decent terms with your soon-to-be ex since you will need to work on a custody and a parenting plan together. What if you are asking for spousal support or legal custody of the children? Try to keep the lines of communication open as it will make future dealings less contentious.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Try to control your emotions throughout the process. Having an attorney representing you definitely helps because you will be able to let your attorney speak for you in most dealings. However, be sure to watch your facial expressions and body language. Don’t let the other side see your emotions, as they may try to use them against you. Also, if you let your emotions spiral out of control, there may be a breakdown in settlement negotiations.

Be Transparent

While it’s tempting to want to hold something back or stick it to your ex, don’t. Withholding information about assets or trying to make your ex look bad could come back around to hurt you. If you are caught withholding information, a judge may not look too kindly on you, and may even award you less in the settlement process.

Be Willing to Compromise

If there is something that you are not willing to let go of in the divorce and you are prepared to stall negotiations over it, be willing to compromise on something else. If you can’t reach a settlement agreement, the court will divide your assets and debts based on the theory of equitable distribution. This is not the same as a community property state where assets are split 50/50. This means you could still wind up losing the very asset you’re demanding and neither side will always get what they want in a divorce. The court will divide everything in a fair and equitable manner.

Take Time to Review All Settlement Proposals

While you might be quick to dismiss a settlement proposal in the heat of the moment, or to accept one just because you want to be over, you should take time to evaluate all offers. People often fail to do their due diligence and understand the implications, both good and bad, of acquiring assets in a divorce. Have you thought about the value of an investment after taxes? What about inflation? Can you afford the asset in question if you are paying related expenditures on your own?

Contact a Florida Family Law Attorney

If you need assistance with your Florida divorce, or any other family law matter, contact the Law Offices of Schwartz | White today to schedule a consultation.


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