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Tips from a Family Law Attorney About Co-Parenting


Here are some tips for reducing stress if you are going through a divorce or if you are a divorced parent.  Remember that, when the going gets tough, your family law attorney is your strongest ally in co-parenting struggles.

Finalize Your Holiday Plans Early

As a divorced parent, you simply do not have the luxury of deciding on December 21 that you are taking the kids to Hawaii for the holidays and bringing them back the day before school starts again in January; this applies even if no one in your family celebrates Christmas.  Your parenting plan specifies which parent gets the children on which days during winter break.  If you want to change the schedule because of holiday travel plans, you and your ex must formally agree on this in court.  If your divorce is still pending, a temporary parenting plan will outline the holiday parenting time schedule for this year.

Take It Slow with Introducing a New Partner

It is hard enough for children to adapt to your divorce during the holidays, but emphasize the continuity between the old normal and the new normal.  Let your children enjoy a gathering with relatives on your side of the family.  For many children, accepting a new stepparent or future stepparent is the hardest part.  If you are in a new relationship, don’t expect your children to spend the whole holiday with your new partner and their family.  Only include your partner in some of the holiday festivities, especially if you and your ex were still together last Christmas.  Pushing your kids to interact with your new partner will upset your kids, and your ex can use it against you in court.

Be Civil Toward Your Ex

The holidays should not be a battleground between you and your ex.  If the sight of your ex or the sound of their voice makes your blood boil, communicate by text.  Better yet, enlist other family members to transport your kids.  If you would rather deal with your ex-sister-in-law than your ex-husband, then do so during the holidays.  If your dad is a big, jolly Santa Claus that no one can get mad at, then have him answer the door when your ex brings the kids to your house at dinnertime on Christmas, as specified during the parenting plan.

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