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Trying to Get the Cheapest or Quickest Divorce Will Probably Backfire


What do you want out of your divorce?  What is your highest priority?  Do you want to avoid seeing your ex in person at all costs?  Are you holding onto a desperate hope that you and your ex really were made for each other, and therefore you want to leave the door open for reconciliation?  Is it most important for you to protect your kids from your racist ex-mother-in-law?  Is your goal to ensure that your ex-spouse and the person they cheated on you with don’t get a penny of your hard-earned money?  What you value most in the post-divorce live you envision will influence how you approach the divorce itself.  At least in Florida, there is no wrong reason to get divorced, but your choices during the divorce process should align with your situation and your plans.  Consider the question of whether to hire a divorce lawyer; not everyone needs one, but avoiding legal counsel just to save time and money is a costly mistake.

Beware of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

From the proliferation of divorce websites and divorce apps, you would think that getting divorced from the comfort of your couch was the new Christmas shopping from the comfort of your couch.  In fact, there are many websites and apps that enable you to file divorce forms online, but that is all they are; you can do that from the court’s website, too.  Do-it-yourself divorce is not for everyone; a couple that can have a successful divorce just by filling out documents in an app has the following characteristics:

  • They were not married a long time
  • They do not have children together (and probably don’t have minor children at all)
  • They do not have a high net worth
  • They do not own much property jointly
  • Both are employed

Many couples who attempt a do-it-yourself divorce will end up spending more money on mediators and lawyers than they would have done if they had consulted a lawyer before they filed their original divorce petition.

A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Have a Painless Divorce

Having as amicable a divorce as possible is a worthy goal.  Especially if you have children together, working as a team with your spouse to resolve your conflicts is a great way to lessen the pain of divorce.  It is still a good idea to have professional guide you through the divorce; a human being can listen to you and answer your questions in ways that an app cannot.  If you are determined not to treat each other as enemies, you can even consult a divorce lawyer together before filing your divorce petition.

Let Us Help You Today

A family law attorney can help you find out what to expect in the divorce process and whether you should file for an uncontested or contested divorce.  Schwartz | White takes family law cases involve amicable and acrimonious divorces, and everything in between.  Contact the Boca Raton divorce lawyers at Schwartz | White about your divorce case.


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