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Warning Signs You Might Want to Call off Your Florida Engagement


It’s not uncommon to hear clients say they assumed their spouse would change after the wedding, but the truth is people don’t suddenly become a different person once they say, “I do.” In most cases, the problems that existed prior to the wedding will still be there throughout the marriage itself.

This can be challenging, especially if you already have children together and are concerned about a custody battle if you end the relationship now. If you do opt to proceed with the wedding, it might be even more reason to consider a prenuptial agreement. Here are several red flags to watch out for that may make you want to consider ending your engagement.

Your Significant Other Cheats at Their Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

While it may seem like a cliché from a movie, there are some people who do cheat at their bachelor or bachelorette party. Some people claim it didn’t mean anything and it was their last opportunity to fool around while “single.” If you find out about the infidelity before the wedding, it’s definitely time for a heart to heart.

The Wedding Keeps Getting Pushed Back

Sure, a long engagement is fine for some couples, but if your significant other keeps making excuses on why you should push back the wedding, it may be a sign. The engagement shouldn’t be something that goes on for years unless it was agreed upon from the start. But, if you have a wedding date planned and it seems like your other half is getting cold feet and wants to keep pushing it out, he or she may not be ready to tie the knot.

Your Significant Other Demands You Change

Relationships are about compromise, but that doesn’t mean you are the one who needs to change everything while they stay the same. If you find you’re giving up total control in the relationship and your soon-to-be spouse is demanding you give up your family, friends, and the things you love, you need to take a step back and seriously evaluate if this relationship is worth it. A relationship that takes you away from everyone and everything you love is not healthy.

One-Sided Prenuptial Agreement

If your significant other had the prenuptial drawn up and it’s extremely unfair and completely one-sided, you might want to pay close attention. You should always have your own independent counsel review the prenuptial agreement before you sign, and your counsel will tell you whether the agreement is fair. Someone who drafts an agreement that benefits themselves 100% is not likely going to treat you like their partner in the marriage itself.

Violent Outbursts

If there is any hint of violent outbursts while you are engaged, getting married isn’t going to make them suddenly disappear. If these outbursts are escalating in frequency and seriousness, you need to do everything you can to safely leave this relationship now. Someone who makes you feel unsafe while engaged is not going to be a spouse who makes you feel comfortable and safe. In many cases, a partner who displays violent tendencies during the engagement will become a domestic abuser down the line.

Retaining a Florida Family Law Attorney

If you have questions about prenuptial agreements, custody agreements, or any other aspects of family law and divorce, contact the Law Offices of Schwartz | White at 561-391-9943 to schedule a consultation. Let one of our skilled attorneys help with all your family law needs.


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