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What is a Divorce Coach?


A divorce coach may be a professional you are not altogether familiar with, but it could be someone you encounter if you are embarking on a complex divorce a with high-net worth. A divorce coach is not a therapist, but he or she can assist you through your divorce. While there are select instances of a divorce coach assisting couples without the guidance of an attorney, their services are primarily used in conjunction with a Florida divorce attorney.

Here are some of the ways a divorce coach may be of assistance during your Florida divorce.

Divorce Coach can Assist with Non-Legal Guidance

Your divorce coach can be a sounding board for topics you don’t discuss with your attorney. You can vent about emotional issues like how difficult your spouse is being or how they are treating you. The billing rate for a divorce coach will be lower than your attorney fees and these are issues you wouldn’t likely be sharing with your attorney in the first place.

Some attorneys like working with divorce coaches as the coach can reach the clients in a different way than the attorney does. Since their skill set is different, they can deal with the emotional aspects of a divorce, leaving your attorney to handle the legal specifics of the divorce itself.

In most cases, divorce coaches are not licensed attorneys, which means they cannot give you legal advice. That is against the law, which is the main reason a divorce coach typically works in conjunction with your divorce attorney.

Divorce Coaches Have Different Backgrounds

One appeal to using a divorce coach is the benefit of someone else’s advice who may have a related professional background. Clients select a coach based on specific needs. Some coaches may be professionals in fields like financial planning, mediation, mental health, or entrepreneurship.

Divorce Coach on Standby When You Need Answers Quickly

Like your divorce attorney, your divorce coach is on standby to answer any questions you may have as the divorce process progresses. You may find you only have a couple questions, or there may be times where you need to heavily rely on your divorce coach. It offers you some peace of mind to know there is someone else you can ask important questions to rather than spending hours online researching.

Helpful to Not Feel Alone

Having friends and family on your side is great, but there is something comforting about having an objective person in your corner who is not emotionally or financially vested in your divorce. Your attorney is there for legal advice and support, which is often enough, but some people find themselves really anxious and panicky about the divorce, especially if there are a lot of assets to be divided, or one spouse is entering the workforce for the first time in years, etc.

Retaining a Florida Divorce Attorney

If you are preparing for a divorce in Florida, the Boca Raton-based team at Schwartz | White have decades of experience handling all types of family law matters, including high net worth divorces. Contact our office at 561-391-9943 to schedule a consultation.

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