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What is “Nesting” after Divorce?

Life goes on after divorce, but many of the decisions you make during divorce affect the quality of life afterward. Various options are available to divorcing couples, and a Boca Raton family law firm can help you become informed about your options for ensuring that a quality life remains.

One interesting idea presented in a Redbook, and also reported in the New York Times, is the idea of “nesting.” Nesting refers to custodial arrangements where children stay in the “nest” — ex-spouses keep the family home and the children to continue to live there. Instead of sending children back and forth between two parents’ residences, the parents take turns living in the family home with the children. This arrangement creates greater stability for children who are not split between two residences with two sets of belongings for each place. The children’s lifestyle is a closer approximation of how they lived when the parents were married, resulting in a much smoother transition, less change and less need for them to adjust. Of course, compared with traditional post-divorce parenting plans, nesting requires greater cooperation between parents. Parents must be able to communicate and be on good terms. Divorces that involve domestic violence or substance abuse are not candidates for nesting or this “apartner” arrangement. According to the Redbook article, as American divorces become less acrimonious or confrontational and more prone to amicable settlements, nesting custody arrangements are gaining popularity.

Boca Raton family law firms work closely with clients to help them resolve divorce in the way bested suited for their situation.

The Law Offices of Schwartz | White has more than 50 years of combined legal experience and assists many families in dealing with family law issues.

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