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When High Net Worth Couples Co-Parent A Child With Medical Special Needs


When people who do not have children give you advice about how to deal with toilet training, tantrums, or screen time, you can either laugh at how wildly off-base their suggestions are or be angry that they dared to offer advice when they were so unqualified to do so.  If your child has special medical needs, the feeling that people who have never walked in your shoes cannot truly understand your situation is even stronger.  The only thing worse than when casual acquaintances suggest that you would be able to afford your child’s round the clock care if you would only buy a few fewer lattes is when your ex-spouse does it.  In fact, the only thing worse than your ex-spouse passing judgment on the fact that you cannot be employed because your child with disabilities needs your care full-time is your ex-spouse passing judgment while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with his new wife and children.  If getting your ex-spouse to pay enough child support to cover your child’s basic needs, contact a Palm Beach County child support lawyer.

Child’s Needs Increase After Divorce, and So Does Dad’s Income

Peter and Ayla divorced in 2008, when their son was young.  Peter earned enough as a lawyer to support the family on a single income.  Ayla left the workforce when their son was an infant, because he had disabilities that caused him to require care 24 hours a day.  After Peter and Ayla’s divorce became final, they were continuously involved in litigation for the next 12 years.  Peter moved to New Jersey, remarried, and had three children with his new wife.  His income continued to increase, and he and his new family bought a house worth more than a million dollars.

Meanwhile, Ayla remained a full-time caregiver for the parties’ son.  When he grew enough to require a bigger wheelchair, the house needed more renovations to accommodate the new wheelchair.  A home health aide came to the house for 20 hours per week to provide respite care.  The child’s medical care was paid for through Peter’s employer-provided medical insurance as well as through Medicaid, but those did not cover all of his expenses.  By the court’s admission, Ayla put tremendous effort into finding services and support for the parties’ son.

In 2020, an appeals court determined that Peter owed just over $100,000 in back child support, based on the increase in his income and in the child’s needs.  It ordered him to pay it in installments of $750 per month, which meant that it would take about twelve years to pay off.

Contact Us Today for Help

A Boca Raton child support lawyer can help you if you and your ex-spouse disagree about the cost of your child’s ongoing medical care.  Do not be intimidated just because your spouse is much wealthier than you.  Contact Schwartz | White for more information.



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