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Which Divorce Monday Strategy Is Right for You?


Divorce Monday is here again.  January 6, the first Monday of 2020, is this year’s Divorce Monday.  It is the biggest day of the year for taking the first steps toward divorce.  Divorce Monday sees more Google searches about divorce lawyers and how to divorce than any other day in the year.  It is also the day when divorce law firms are busiest with inquiries from new clients and when courts receive the greatest number of divorce filings.  The reasons for choosing Divorce Monday are various; some people don’t want to traumatize their children with divorce news during the holidays, while others just want all their divorce-related expenses to belong to the same tax year.  Whatever your reasons, if you have decided to divorce in 2020, a South Florida divorce lawyer can help you prevent costly mistakes.

Keeping Your Resolution to Be Better Apart

Some couples who contact divorce attorneys or file divorce petitions on Divorce Monday already made the decision in the old year that they were going to divorce.  If you are in this category, consider yourself lucky; it means you are still successfully communicating with your soon-to-be-former spouse.  A lawyer can advise you about the least costly ways to divorce, such as going through mediation instead of having a judge decide.  Even if you plan to file for an uncontested divorce, you should have a lawyer review your petition before you file it, so that you can be sure that each spouse is getting what they think they are.

Following the Crowd

Like Friendsgiving and Talk Like a Pirate Day, Divorce Monday has only become a part of the public lexicon because of the Internet.  Most of the Divorce Monday action is in the form of unhappily married people investigating the least expensive way to get out of your marriage.  If divorce is such an elephant in the room that you cannot talk to your spouse about how to move on with your lives separately without it turning into a major argument, discussing matters with a lawyer first is a wise move.  It is especially a good idea to get a reality check about post-divorce life from a lawyer if you and your spouse have children together and if you disagree about which property belongs to whom.  Spoiler: No matter how awful your spouse is, you still have to co-parent with them, and you can’t leave them penniless.

Waiting It Out

If you have the forethought to buy the coming year’s Christmas decorations just after New Year’s, when they are dirt cheap, then there is no need to jump on the Divorce Monday bandwagon.  You can research the details that apply to your divorce and contact a lawyer later in January, once the Divorce Monday hype quiets down.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

A family law attorney can give you more reliable advice about your impending divorce than trending search terms can.  Contact the Boca Raton divorce lawyers at Schwartz | White about your case.




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