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Why Work With a Boca Raton Divorce Attorney?

Unless your divorce is a simple divorce – meaning, you and your spouse were only married for a short amount of time, you do not own a lot of assets together, you do not have any children together, and you can agree to the terms of the divorce – our divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Schwartz | White recommend hiring legal representation to assist you with the process. Even if you and your spouse are on good terms, your divorce can become messy and complicated fairly quickly. Additionally, like all things legal, a Florida divorce comes with its fair share of legalities to adhere to, procedures to follow, and paperwork to file. If you fail to adhere to even a single one of Florida’s divorce rules, your case may be thrown out, or your spouse may be given favor. Working with a Florida divorce lawyer can help you avoid unnecessary complications and guide you through the divorce process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Five Reasons to Work With a Divorce Lawyer

Here are five reasons the divorce lawyers at the Law Offices of Schwartz | White recommend hiring an attorney:

  1. They Understand Divorce Law.

A divorce lawyer full comprehends Florida divorce law and the rules and regulations of your particular jurisdiction. This is important, as divorce law will dictate how your divorce is handled, what terms of your divorce will be granted, and whether or not how you and your spouse proceed with certain aspects of your divorce is even legal. Knowledge of divorce law can prevent you from unnecessarily filing petitions that are invalid, which will save you time and money in the long run.

  1. They Have Experience Negotiating Settlements.

From negotiating the division of assets to child custody arrangements, a Boca Raton divorce lawyer knows how to negotiate with your spouse’s attorney to obtain an outcome that is beneficial to both you and your former spouse. Without the experience of a divorce lawyer on your side, you may find that you do not receive the amount of assets, custody, or support that you otherwise deserve.

  1. They are Familiar With the Jurisdiction.

A local divorce lawyer knows the local judges and attorneys and how they operate, which could work to your advantage during the divorce process. For instance, if a judge were notorious for granting mothers more custody rights than fathers, this would be important knowledge for the father to have. With this type of insight, the father could avoid doing anything while the divorce is pending that might give the judge reason to reduce his amount of custodial rights. Additionally, a divorce attorney might be able to better guide the father on how to act in front of the judge, and how to phrase his argument for why he deserves equal or more rights than the mother.

  1. They Can Provide a Much Needed Objective Perspective.

Divorce is an emotional process, and too many people allow their feelings to cloud their judgment. To avoid making costly mistakes or doing anything that may harm your case, allow a divorce lawyer to use their objectivity to make sound legal decisions on your behalf, and to guide you toward an amicable outcome.

  1. They Understand the Legal Process.

Much of an outcome to a divorce simply depends on when a petition is filed and how. There is a lot of paperwork involved in the divorce process, and if you miss filing even a single motion, you may unwittingly forfeit your custody rights, or the rights to your home and other major assets. A divorce attorney knows precisely what to file, what to request, and when to do so.

Consult a Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer

If you are thinking about filing for a divorce, or if you have already filed for a divorce in Florida, reach out to our Boca Raton family law firm for help. From the initial filing to the handing down of the final decree, our compassionate divorce attorneys will work with you side-by-side to ensure the best possible outcome. For reliable and sound legal representation, call the Law Offices of Schwartz | White at 561-391-9943, or contact us online.

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