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You Do Not Have To Pay Alimony To Support Your Former Stepchildren, Especially If They Are Adults


Being part of a blended family is a challenge, whether you are a stepparent or a stepchild.  For every Kamala Harris and Ella Emhoff who are buddies in ways that would not be possible if they were related by blood instead of by marriage, there are several stepparents and stepchildren who are sworn enemies.  Things often get uglier when the marriage ends; some of the most epic probate battles have taken place between stepmothers and their stepchildren.  If your spouse has children from a previous marriage, household finances are even more complicated than they are for couples whose only experiences of parenthood are with each other.  Of course, divorcing your spouse does not always mean the end of financial conflicts about your stepkids.  You do not have to pay child support for your stepchildren unless you legally adopted them, but if your ex is requesting alimony, you do have to agree about the amount of your spouse’s expenses.  Although many parents financially support their adult sons and daughters, money that you spend on the support of adults other than your current or former spouse counts as a discretionary expense.  If your ex-spouse is asking for alimony, but you are sure they will just spend the money on their kids who are old enough to be financially independent, a Boca Raton alimony lawyer.

Ex-Wife Supports Her Daughter and Grandchild and Asks Ex-Husband to Foot the Bill

After her divorce from her first husband, Anita bought a house and lived there with her daughter.  Nine years later, she married George, and he moved into the house with them.  Eventually, George and Anita divorced, and he moved out of the house.  Although the appeal court’s decision does not state this directly, one can infer that George’s income was higher, because even though the court awarded Anita sole possession of the former marital home, she requested alimony.

George and Anita disagreed about the amount of alimony she should pay.  Anita’s daughter, who was now an adult with a young son, were still living in the house, and Anita was the sole source of financial support for her daughter and grandson.  Florida case law includes many instances of former spouses who provided financial support to their adult children or to their grandchildren of whom they did not have legal custody.  The courts consistently rule that support of adult sons and daughters is not a necessity that can be included as a relevant expense for calculating alimony.  The only exception is when the couple’s adult child continues to depend on their parents because of a disability; in this case, the court must determine an appropriate amount of child support, as it would for a minor child.

Contact Schwartz | White About Bogus Alimony Requests

A South Florida alimony lawyer can help you if your ex-spouse is asking you for alimony to pay for things that are not your responsibility.  Contact Schwartz | White in Boca Raton, Florida about your case.



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