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Debunking the Most Common Divorce Myths

Divorce rates are extremely high, and one might think that most information about divorce is common knowledge.  However, the truth is that many divorce myths still abound, stemming from popular culture and other sources.  Here are some of the most common divorce myths, as well as the truth behind them.

Divorce Will Cost Me a Fortune (or Will Definitely Be Cheap)

Myths run both directions with regards to how much divorce costs, and in fact, neither really captures the whole picture.  Divorce in and of itself does cost money no matter what (just filing the petition with the court costs a court filing fee, varying by county), and when it comes to dividing property, both parties will likely need to compromise.  But not every divorce will be a bank-breaking one either.  An attorney that is right for you can assist you to the extent necessary and appropriate, while taking your needs into account, and many divorces can be settled for cheaper than what one may expect.

Divorce Will Be So Stressful that It’s Not Worth It

Divorce can be a stressful process, and often involves some change for both spouses and also for any children involved.  But many divorces can be settled civilly, and an attorney can help take care of the details so that you have more time and energy and less stress.

Divorce Will Just Be Signing Some Papers

Even if all you and your spouse owned was a tent in the woods, filing for divorce is a court proceeding, and will require someone to review documents, draft a settlement agreement, go to court, etc.  Despite television scenes in which two spouses sit down and sign a sheet of paper to finalize their divorce, there are obligatory tasks that must be completed before the divorce can be finalized (and even before the settlement itself is signed).

I Should Put My Assets “Away” before Initiating a Divorce

Many individuals expecting a divorce are advised to squirrel away savings or assets someplace else so that they are not among the community property split in the divorce.  However, this is a fundamentally flawed suggestion.  In a divorce proceeding, both spouses are required to make financial disclosures and show financial records, meaning that someone will notice if a quantity of cash goes missing.  Aside from being unhelpful, hiding assets is also an excellent way to earn the ire of the court and probably some substantial penalties.

All Ex-Wives Get Alimony

While alimony payments were more common in years past, Florida is making some major changes to alimony laws in the coming months, and alimony is becoming rarer.  Whether alimony is awarded is determined by factors like educational background, employability, etc.  Courts will balance out a variety of factors to make the decision.  If you believe you should receive alimony, an attorney can help clarify and advocate for your interests.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce Is a Good Idea

Someone filing for divorce is likely undertaking a legal proceeding for the very first time .  Tax, personal, legal, business, employment, financial, and economic issues and details are all at stake, and any one slipping through the cracks could be a problem.  Rely instead on someone who has done this before.  At Schwartz | White, experienced Boca Raton divorce and family law attorneys are ready to assist you with divorce. Call 561-391-9943 for a consultation today.

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