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Managing Your Expectations in Your Boca Raton Divorce

For many individuals, one of the most difficult aspects of a Florida divorce is managing their expectations. While one party of the divorce may imagine the process to go smoothly and without any complications, the other may assume that they are going to be awarded the house, the cars, and custody of the kids without a fight. Both parties would be sorely mistaken.

Common Unrealistic Expectations

In a Florida divorce, there are several common misconceptions that couples entering the divorce process have. From child custody arrangements to support payments, each spouse feels that they are the one that is going to come out ahead. Unfortunately, in divorce, no one comes out ahead; instead, the courts strive to make everything as fair and equal as possible.

If you are entering the divorce process, and if you are holding onto one or more of the following expectations, you may be setting yourself up for a disappointment:

  • The courts are going to side with you because the divorce is your spouse’s fault. Many people mistakenly believe that the courts are going to play favorites, and treat the spouse who acted poorly during marriage with less regard. The members of the court, however, are not your friends, and they do not care if your spouse cheated on you, abused you, or failed to remember your anniversary 10 years in a row. Florida is a “No Fault” divorce state, meaning that the judges do not care to hear about misconduct when determining a settlement; they just want to know the facts.
  • The mother will be automatically granted full custody of the children. Despite popular belief, most courts no longer rule in favor of the mother simply because she is the mother. A judge will determine both legal and physical custody rights based on what is in the best interests of the children and nothing else.
  • Someone is going to have to pay child support. Even if the courts grant 50/50 custody, and even if both parents make an equal amount of money, the courts are going to order that child support be paid.
  • Someone may have to pay alimony. Depending on whether or not both parties worked during the duration of the marriage, and depending on how long the marriage lasted, the higher earning spouse may have to pay alimony, if even only for a short period amount of time. To see how alimony is determined, refer to Florida Statute 61.08 (2).

Consult a Boca Raton Divorce Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Schwartz | White, our Boca Raton divorce attorneys are adept at negotiating fair settlements for our clients. However, we encourage each of our clients to keep realistic expectations throughout the entire process, as divorce is not about winning, but about being fair.

If you are in need of a Florida divorce lawyer who can help you manage your expectations and achieve a fair settlement that you are happy with, contact our family law firm at 561-391-9943 to schedule a consultation today.



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