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Tag Archives: Domestic Abuse

Seeking an Injunction Against Domestic Violence Could Save Your Life

By Schwartz | White |

In the summer of 2008, 22-year-old and eight-month pregnant Sarah Spirit called the Bell, Florida police department and informed them that her father was abusing her, and that she was scared for her life. Her father ended up serving six months in jail on a battery charge; however, Sarah did not feel it necessary… Read More »

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Temporary Restraining Orders in Florida Domestic Violence Cases

By Schwartz | White |

If you are attempting to extricate yourself from a violent situation, always prioritize your (and any involved children’s) safety.  But after taking the safety-first approach, and once you are no longer in immediate danger, the next step is to seek that which is often casually called a temporary restraining order (actually called a “petition… Read More »

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