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Seeking an Injunction Against Domestic Violence Could Save Your Life

In the summer of 2008, 22-year-old and eight-month pregnant Sarah Spirit called the Bell, Florida police department and informed them that her father was abusing her, and that she was scared for her life. Her father ended up serving six months in jail on a battery charge; however, Sarah did not feel it necessary to get a restraining order against him. In September of 2014, Sarah – then 28 – and her six children were murdered at the hands of her father, who then murdered himself. Their case was the seventh domestic-related multiple homicides case in Florida that year alone, according to the New York Times.

In April of this year, Seminole, Florida resident, Henry Ramone Brown, murdered his estranged wife, Chericia Brown, and their two children. He then killed himself. There are records indicating that the police were called to the Browns’ home multiple times for domestic disturbances, but that no arrests were made. There are also records indicating that Chericia tried to get a permanent injunction against her husband, but that the state attorney declined to prosecute, stating that “There is insufficient evidence to prosecute this case.”

Domestic violence is not a matter to be taken lightly, and if you or a loved one continuously suffers at the hands of an abuser, it is time to call a Boca Raton domestic violence attorney. The lawyers at our office can help you get a domestic abuse injunction against the violent individual, and end the abuse for good.

How Can a Domestic Abuse Injunction Help Me?

Many victims of domestic violence will seek refuge from their abuser by going to a shelter, or staying with a friend or family member; they may even call the cops if an episode of violence gets out of hand. However, very few individuals will actually get a domestic abuse injunction against their abuser. Whether this is because they do not want to, or because they do not know how to, does not matter; what matters is that not taking the proper measures to keep an abuser away from you and your children is a huge mistake, proven by the two cases mentioned above.

An Injunction Against Domestic Violence is a court document that orders the abusive individual to stop committing certain acts, such as abusing you, contacting you, or coming near you. It also orders them to leave your home. In some instances, a protective injunction may grant you custody of your children, and force your abuser to pay child support. If the abusive individual violates the injunction in any way, they will be arrested.

When to Hire a Family Law Attorney

Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Schwartz | White advocate for our clients’ protection against their domestic abusers. If you are in an abusive relationship, or if you know of someone who needs help, do not hesitate a moment longer to give our family law firm a call at 561-391-9943, or to schedule a consultation online. You never know when a violent episode will become a fatal one, so taking precautions at the first signs of violence is the best course of action for your safety and the safety of those you love.

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