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Tag Archives: Florida Alimony Payments


Alimony Awards will be Subject to New Federal Tax Laws

By Schwartz | White |

For Florida couples contemplating a divorce, now is the time to get started. 2019 will bring some new tax regulations into effect that can have negative consequences on your income tax returns depending on whether you’re the spouse paying or receiving an alimony award. Currently, spouses who are paying alimony to their ex-spouse have… Read More »

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Viable Ways to Ensure Ongoing Alimony Payments

By Schwartz | White |

Alimony is often a source of contention in any divorce. On one hand, the obligor may feel resentment at having to pay his or her ex spouse money simply because they got a divorce. On the other hand, the recipient may feel embarrassed at having to accept payments from his or her former spouse…. Read More »

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