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Tag Archives: Hidden Assets


What Happens if My Ex Hides Assets During our Florida Divorce?

By Schwartz | White |

It’s no secret that many divorces are contentious, but some spouses make the entire process worse. Some unscrupulous people attempt to hide assets from their spouse in hopes they won’t be subject to distribution during the divorce. This is not only illegal, but it can result in serious consequences. How to Uncover Hidden Assets… Read More »

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Your Financial Documents May be Hiding Something: The Search for Hidden Assets in Florida Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

You know that divorce involves coming up with a fair and equitable division of assets. In most cases this division is easy – though not necessarily painless – because both parties are forthcoming and transparent about their assets. Unfortunately in others, usually those cases that involve high net-worth clients, children from previous relationships, or… Read More »

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