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Why Your Florida Divorce is So Expensive

Divorce is expensive. To be sure, in Florida, the average cost of divorce can be tens of thousands of dollars. To be sure, that number may seem outrageous, considering that a couple can get married for as little as $93.50 at a Florida courthouse, and if they complete a Florida premarital course, they can have that fee reduced to just $32.50. Which begs the question: why is divorce so expensive, when getting married is so cheap? Are the courts deliberately deterring couples away from divorce by making the cost of divorce too high for the average individual to afford?

Despite how it may seem, the Florida courts are not trying to deter you, or anyone else for that matter, away from divorce. Most of the costs of divorce are due to attorney fees and court fees, which can be as high or as low as you would like them to be. We do not mean that you can pick what you would like to pay, but rather, that you can decide to either draw-out your divorce, or to get it over with as quickly and as cleanly as possible.

The Real Cost of Divorce

While any divorcing couple would prefer to blame the courts and “the system” for the outrageous cost of their divorce, the truth is that the couple is responsible for the sky-high costs, as they are essentially paying to continue to fight each other. Many divorcing individuals would rather pay a Boca Raton divorce attorney and accrue court fees than give in and let their estranged spouse have additional assets. Indeed, here are a few contested elements that typically drive up the cost of divorce:

  • Child Custody Issues: Because of how emotionally charged child custody issues tend to be, divorces involving children take a considerable more amount of time to settle than those without children. The additional attorney fees, court fees, and custody evaluations fees accrued during that additional time drive up the cost of divorce.
  • Going to Trial: Couples who simply cannot agree on anything, and who insist upon fighting over every last detail, must go to trial if they hope to ever settle. Trial, however, is expensive, as it requires additional time from your lawyer to draft pre-trial motions and trial briefs, prepare for witness testimony, and prepare opening and closing statements – not to mention the full days in court you will be paying for.
  • Alleging Adultery: In Florida, adultery is grounds for alimony, so when one spouse alleges that the other committed adultery, the courts may order a private investigator to obtain proof of the affair. The cost of a private investigator can be great, especially if they are unable to obtain any proof for an extended period of time.

A Boca Raton Divorce Attorney Can Help Reduce Divorce Costs

At the Law Offices of Schwartz | White, our divorce attorneys are adept at mediating contentious divorces and custody battles. If you are hoping to make it through the divorce process with your savings intact, our divorce lawyers can guide you towards a divorce settlement that will benefit and satisfy both you and your former spouse. To see how we can help you lower the costs of your divorce, contact us at 561-391-9943 or online to schedule your private consultation with our family law firm today.

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