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Category Archives: Complex Divorce


Deciding What to Do with a Family Business During a Florida Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

When Florida couples own a business together, there is often significant conflict in deciding who will get the business during the property division in the case of a divorce. However, there are some situations where divorced couples decide to continue owning the business together, and even working together in some cases. Dividing a business… Read More »

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What is a Complex Divorce in Florida?

By Schwartz | White |

Simply put, a complex divorce is one that has many issues, or difficult issues are involved. In most cases, a complex divorce requires outside assistance. One common factor in this assistance is the need for experts who have specialized knowledge that can help resolve the issues while still protecting the rights of those involved…. Read More »

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What to Know About Florida Marriage to a Non-US Spouse

By Schwartz | White |

They say love knows no boundaries, and it’s becoming increasingly more common for people from different countries to meet, fall in love, and want to get married. Unfortunately, the United States doesn’t always make this easy given the amount of immigration fraud that takes place with people just looking to get their “Green Card.”… Read More »

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