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Tag Archives: Boca Raton Alimony Lawyers


Can Florida Alimony Payments Be Modified?

By Schwartz | White |

Depending on the type of alimony awarded in your divorce, the court may agree to a modification in certain circumstances. You cannot apply to have alimony modified if it was never awarded in the first place or if the award specified it was not eligible for modification. Alimony may be awarded when a spouse… Read More »

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Types of Alimony Awarded in Florida Divorce Cases

By Schwartz | White |

If you’re concerned about financial security during your divorce, Florida law does allow for alimony to be awarded. When people think of alimony, they often assume that alimony is a monthly check that goes to the ex-spouse for the remainder of that person’s life. Alimony awards are not that black and white, nor are… Read More »

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Proposed Changes to the Alimony Bill in 2017

By Schwartz | White |

Florida’s alimony laws are always undergoing changes and modifications, most likely in order to catch up with the times. For a long time, Florida’s alimony laws were outdated, and heavily favored women. However, Florida has come a long ways in recent years, and tries to make alimony support awards as fair and reasonable as… Read More »

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Florida Legislators Mull Alimony Overhaul

By Schwartz | White |

Florida lawmakers are again trying to change the way courts award alimony, the second attempt in three years. Florida Alimony Law Florida law currently provides several different types of alimony, also known as spousal support. The type of alimony awarded depends upon the specific need of the party receiving the payments. Permanent alimony. Permanent… Read More »

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