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Tag Archives: Divorce and Taxes

The IRS’s 7 Rules for Alimony

By Schwartz | White |

Alimony in Florida is changing. Luckily, however, the IRS’s federal rules remain the same. While not terribly complicated, the consequences for incorrectly complying or failing to comply can be harsh, and can also result in bureaucratic tangles. Further, the ability to deduct alimony payments is an important benefit for alimony payees, an opportunity that… Read More »

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Tax Issues During Divorce

By Schwartz | White |

The divorce is underway, you and your spouse are living in separate homes, and the only contact you have outside of the divorce is in regard to the children, assuming there are any. You and your spouse are living separate lives and, except for the issuance of the final divorce decree, may feel as… Read More »

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